The Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are easily the most popular ceiling choice for office spaces, recreational centres, retail units and countless other commercial properties.

As suggested by the name, suspended ceilings are made of square panels which are supported by an extremely lightweight metal grid system which is – you guessed it – suspended from a higher ceiling. This higher celling is usually made of wood, masonry or metal.
A system of wires, attached to the higher ceiling, maintain the lower celling. These wires are fully adjustable allowing property owners to select the desired ceiling height.
The suspended ceiling panels are available in a variety of materials including wood, metal or various synthetic materials. The variety doesn’t stop with the available panel material. Suspended ceilings can be installed with flat panels for a straight-forward, professional finish. Alternatively, the installed panels can be embossed and installed to create a finely detailed pattern; which can give a space a real sense of character.

Why a Suspended Ceiling?

The most common reason to install a suspended ceiling is to cover up exposed structural elements or mechanical components. These components can include pipes, ducts, plumbing features, cables or even just plain masonry elements.
While these mechanical and structural components are covered, that doesn’t mean they can’t be accessed. Suspended ceilings allow for easy access to these various elements, streamlining repair and maintenance

Suspended Ceiling Tiles Replacement

As the tiles used on suspended ceilings aren’t connected to the metal grid, they can be simply lifted and easily replaced. This is particularly convenient when replacing damaged or broken tiles.
This fast repair option makes suspend ceilings perfect for businesses that are committed to minimising any and all unscheduled downtime.

The acoustic benefits of suspended ceilings make them particularly attractive to a variety of different businesses. Ceiling tiles can be manufactured specifically for soundproofing.
However, any suspended ceilings will offer a certain level of sound suppression, particularly from sound emanating from above the ceiling.
As such, suspended ceilings are often used in multi-storey businesses like offices and large retails spaces.

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