Shop Fitters

If you need a retail space designed by the experts, get in contact with Alliance Ireland Retail Services today.

Alliance Ireland Retail Services provides a range of shop fitting solutions for commercial clients in Dublin. Our crew of committed fitters have a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing quality shop fronts and interiors built to the unique specifications of the client and the needs of the modern retail space.

We never use sub-contractors, all our RECI/Safe Electric and RGI tradespeople are employed directly by Alliance Ireland Retail Services, and completely every aspect of the shop fit-out to the very highest of professional standards. 

Our team of dedicated master craftsmen work closely with the client to create the right retail space for their business. We employee only the most modern building techniques to ensure efficiency throughout the design, manufacture and installation phase of the build. This allows our team to work to a strict timetable whilst never compromising on the quality of the finished product. 

Our Shop Fitting Procedures

Alliance Ireland Shop fitting Retail Services is broken down into three distinctive stages:

1. Design
We work closely with the client to design a state-of-the-art retail space that represents the ethos of their business.

2. Fitting Manufacture
We only use quality raw materials to build custom fittings, measured to the exact specifications of the client's retail space. Our team leverages expertise and years of experience to create retail fittings to the highest standards our customers expect.

3. Installation
The installation phase is planned to maximise efficiency. Our team install all fittings, electrics and any special features a client may require.


It is important to protect your investment as such Alliance Ireland provide a comprehensive aftercare maintenance service to your new retail space. We also offer this maintenance service to existing retail premises.

If your new retail space requires a full fit-out, get in contact with Alliance Ireland Retail Services today.